Hesperus Solar

Stop Hesperus Solar opposes the proposed industrial-scale solar facility...

Removing more than 1,900 acres from one of the state’s largest wildlife migration corridors and elk winter range.

Providing NO benefits for local La Plata County citizens, with no proposed permanent jobs and none of the generated electricity available locally.

In addition, our community may experience increased fire dangers; watershed impact; permanent destruction of farmland, forest, and open spaces; and the elimination of a rural way of life.

In terms of biology of the planet, development is a euphemism for destruction.”

- Helen Caldicott

Primergy’s proposed development would irrecoverably damage 1,920 acres — an area that is 28% larger than the surface area of Lake Nighthorse. It would be one of the largest industrial-scale solar facilities in the State of Colorado. 


Natural wildlife habitat, agricultural land, and historic state-owned land would be blighted by 500,000 solar panels, a 155-megawatt lithium-ion battery storage system, a new power substation, dozens of currency inverters, and almost a mile of overhead towers and transmission lines.

Stop Hesperus Solar supports small-scale solar on rooftops or to serve individual properties, but not large-scale industrial facilities that destroy pristine agricultural, rural lands.

This is the herd of elk, using the migration corridor that we are protecting. **Sound on to hear their bugles** 

“While this project is within LPEA’s service territory, we want to stress that LPEA is not involved in the development of this project. Primergy is an independent power producer without affiliation to LPEA. LPEA is not bound by any expectations to purchase the power from this project, or even transmit it over LPEA lines.”

- Jessica Matlock - LPEA CEO

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Industrial-scale solar facilities belong on industrial-zoned land, abandoned mines and oil & gas fields, brownfields, marginal and contaminated areas, and even airports  — not on shrinking wildlife habitat and rural agricultural land. 

& protect your local lands


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